mongolian fur wool scarf

mongolian wool scarf

Mongolia is a stunning country located in the Asian region with an extremely rich history. It shares its boundary with China, which has been a very important neighbor for ages. Mongolia is now trying to make itself more independent from the ex-USSR. So it is not surprising that many people are visiting this beautiful country, trying to obtain some authentic articles of clothing. And to them, genuine Mongolian wool scarves are a must-have!

Mongolia is a proud country of enormous mountains, steppes and deserts. In the winter they face the coldest climate with freezing cold and the summer is unbearable hot. But their luck changed once they discovered wool. Today they can boast of having one of the largest deposits of wild wool in the whole of Asia. Buy these ravishing items not only from online wholesalers and leading suppliers but also from local sellers and designers on the internet for unbeatable prices and generous discounts.

The beautifully designed and manufactured Mongolian fur scarf available on the web is all original and in excellent condition. The material is 100% Genuine Mongolian wool with no chemicals added. It is a completely natural hair length scarf which provides warmth and comfort. The scarf has beautiful oblong shaped collar with a row of big silver buttons at the front and a flap at the rear.

The scarf can be gifted in one gift includes scarf, which is a unique creation of Mongolia. It can also be used as a gift for special occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary or any occasion to celebrate an event of exceptional importance to someone. There is an interesting story behind this scarf. When Mongolia was known as a backwards state, the leader of the country, the real name of Kim Jong-il, had a dispute with his generals and they humiliated him by making him wear an all-white scarf which he used as a weapon against them.

It is believed that because of the extreme cold that winter brings, Kim Jong-il had no choice but to wear such an unkempt wool scarf on his head to protect it from the intense cold. Later on, after enjoying freedom, he turned back on his own wool scarf and it remained that way until the 1990’s when he came into contact with tourists from western countries and US. The tourists changed his mind about Mongolia and he decided to transform it into a fashionable item that was admired all around the world.

Mongolia wool scarves are now available at great discounts. The excellent condition of these scarves make them a wonderful gift for oneself or to gift something to a friend. A Mongolia wool scarf is also an ideal item to give as gifts in one gift which would be very useful and suitable for any occasion, either on a personal level or to say thank you to someone. This scarf in its original form can be very useful and beautiful. It also provides protection against the harsh environment.

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