Mongolian Cashmere Socks

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What is Mongolian Cashmere Wool?

Cashmere in short is the wool obtained from goats. The reason why Mongolian cashmere is sought after and is one of the most highest quality in the world is because goats are raised in the Mongolian steppe with harsh weather conditions, hence they adapted to produce thick and warm fur.

Why Mongolian Cashmere?

Mongolian goats are free to roam around and live a healthy and active life. They graze off the open steppe and eat natural grass.

In addition, because the climate is rather cold in Mongolia, Mongolian goats have adapted to produce thick wool that is dense and durable making it ideal for making cashmere.

Besides just buying a cashmere socks for a really reasonable price, you will be supporting the local economy and the hard-working nomads of Mongolia.

How Does It Feel?

Sheep wool and other synthetic material can cause itchiness, but since Mongolian cashmere is finer in fabric and significantly dense, it feels amazingly soft on the skin.

Running your hands through your cashmere socks will feel soft and elegant. The texture is vibrant and rich too.

If you buy cashmere sweater in fact, even at home, you’d want to wear them on your bare skin because it feels so soft and comfortable. It’s not just for luxury and showing off as it very comfortable and cozy.

Does Cashmere Retain Heat Well?

A cashmere socks will retain heat very well! Compared with sheep wool, it insulates 3 times as well.

The fibers are thinner and softer, thus not only does it feel great on your skin, but it will keep you warm and happy.

Is It Eco-Friendly and Humane?

Cashmere is an organic material that has minimal impact on the environment.

Some people think it’s inhumane and cruel as well, but in reality, they are free to roam around the countryside and during the cold months they are kept in pens to keep them warm and prevent them from dying.

A happy and healthy goat produce the best cashmere, so it it’s in herders’ best interest to keep them as healthy and happy as possible.

Where Is The Cashmere socks Shipped?

All our products are made and shipped directly from Mongolia.

Our cashmere is supplied from our local herders and nomads.

The cashmere socks are made in our factories by local Mongolians.

And they are sold directly from Mongolia by us on this website. You can’t get more authentic than that!

While some clothing companies try to brand their cashmere as “Mongolian”, we actually give you the heart and soul of Mongolian cashmere.

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