Benefits of Learning A New Language

If you have not considered learning a new language, here are a few reasons why you should learn a new language right now! Not only will it be a productive way to spend your time rather than watching random videos on instagram on Youtube, but it has health benefits as well.

You see things from a new perspective

When you learn a new language, especially languages that are vastly different from your mother tongue, then you start to see things from a different perspective, because language in a sense also dictates your thought patterns.

For instance, some languages don’t have different kinds of colour shades in their language, hence these people are unable to pick out certain colours and think that two different colours are the same colour. Their programming has taught them that there is no difference between 2 different colours.

So when you learn a new a language, you learn many different words, phrases, and in a way you are adopting a mindset and a way to look at the world. Not only will this help you to become more creative, but it will help you stay grounded and humble to appreciate different views on life, which will help you make the best of your life choices instead of being limited to your culture and conditioned programming.

Prevents dementia and other related illnesses

The brain is like a muscle. When you stop training and developing it further, it decays and loses it potency. However, the more you read books, think about critical questions, and use your brain, the better your memory and capabilities will be.

Most people often develop dementia and other brain related illnesses due to diet and not using their brain power enough. So playing brain games and learning a new language will keep your mind sharp and decrease the likelihood of you developing brain related diseases.

Better work opportunities

If you master a specific language, your work opportunities will increase significantly. It does not have to a be a language that a lot of people speak and know; you can actually learn certain niche languages and leverage your language skills.

It also will look great on your resume, because being able to speak another language means that you are capable of learning new things and testing yourself, so employers always see that as a positive thing.

It makes you more attractive

There is nothing more sexy than surprising a date or your partner with a language that is exotic and unique. People say the romance languages such as Spanish and French or sexy, but any language really can be sexy if you speak it well.

Which is why, if you have not considered learning the Mongolian language, do so right now! The Mongolian language is a unique language that has mix of harsh and aggressive sounds while at the same time being very soothing and comforting.

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