How To Learn A Language Faster

How many of you have tried to learn a new language but somehow ended up giving up because it was taking you too long to actually learn the language? For the language enthusiasts out there, perhaps we try to pick up a new language because it sounds cool, or because we want to impress someone, but those are not good reasons to actually learn a new language.

Specifically the Mongolian Language, if you have been following this website for some time.

You need a new mindset and approach to learning languages if you want to successful and want to learn the langauge more easily and faster. Here are just a few tips based on my experiences and what I learned.

Have a good reason for learning a new language

This comes above everthing else. You must have a good reason for why you want to learn the language, because if you don’t, you are more likely to give up and move onto something else.

We’ve been there, trying to learn a new language because it was for a school project or because you needed to at least getting a passing grade in Spanish or whatever language your school required your to learn, but how many of you actually ended up learning something from that class that was forced upon you? Not that much?

Unless you don’t have a good reason and the desire to actually learn the language, you will give up when you encounter small resistance, so list down what about the language actually makes you feel good.

Do you want to live there? Do you want to marry someone from that country?

It has to be a big profound reason for you to actually start learning it and make it stick. Once you have a good reason, you must stay consistent and whenever you feel discouraged, think of the main reason why you started to learn the language in the first place.

Start thinking in the language of your choice

This is fairly easy. Just start thinking in the language you chose to study. The more your inner voice and head talks in the language you chose, then you are more likely to remember the words and the more effective you will be.

It may be a little hard at first because you are trying to force your brain to speak in a langugae it does not understand, but give it some time and effort. Soon you will find yourself memorizing and picking up words fairly easily, because you have made the langauge a part of your subconscious where the words will come to you naturally.

Think of it as a language partner who you can speak to and converse whenever you want to. If you have to look up a word or phrase, you should do so, because that is the only way you can actually learn new things instead of stagnating.

Read books and watch movies in your chosen language

When you try to read books and watch movies in the langauge of your choice, you are trying to put the dots together and the brain actually remembers and learns things much better when it is putting things together.

It may be hard to connect the dots within the plot and follow the story, but take your time and practice. With more practice and exposure you will be learning many new words in no time.

Live in the country where people speak the language

This goes without a saying, but if you truly want to become a master in the language, then consider moving to the country where people speak it. It is a whole different game when you actually surround yourself in an environment where you HAVE to speak the language.

If you don’t actually learn or the speak the language, you won’t survive. There are scientific studies that show that when you have no other choice and if it is for your survival then you will do what’s necessary. So putting yourself in the position where you will fail if you don’t speak the language, it’s a good way to boost your learning pace.