Where Can You Learn Mongolian Online

Learning Mongolian is hard enough as is, but learning it online seems to be even a great issue because there aren’t many sources and websites you can go to, but we will cover some resources online that will help you learn the language better.

How good are language books on Amazon?

If you have considered buying books from Amazon where it teaches you the Mongolian language, it may be a good start, but do know that most of the books that are being sold online on Amazon are mostly outdated and are a bit old. Though the content might be good, the way it is presented and put together might not be as good as the newer books with newer editions.

Free online courses on the internet

If you have not already, you can get a free introductory course here on our website, but do know that indtroductory courses only teaches you the basics such as introducing yourself, asking other people’s names, counting, etc. It won’t teach you the details and the nuances of the language.

So if you really want to learn the language in depth and become profecient at it, then you will have to perhaps get an online tutor in the next step.

Learning with online tutors

Learning Mongolian with online tutors via Skype or other digital methods is a great way to learn if you are unable to visit Mongolia for the time being but don’t want to lose anytime.

The only con is that you have to keep yourself accountable and practice whenever you can, because when you are not in the environment where people speak the language, then you are not fully immersing yourself, hence leading to less than optimal results.

What’s most important

However, at the end of the day, what is most important is for you to learn the Mongolian language on your own through your own dedication, because it mostly depends on you and what you want to do with the language.

If you want to live in Mongolia and want to move there, then perhaps that is a good motivating factor, but many people pick up the language for less than ideal reasons and end up giving up on learning the language.

You have to stay consistent and practice whenever possible, because without practice you are not really putting yourself in the position to learn as much.

How you can get started

Finding resources online for free and buying a few books on Amazon or on other sources is a good start, but it won’t help you become fluent or proficient at the language. You perhaps will learn some of the very basics, but if you are planning on something more and want more, then getting an online tutor is the best method for online learning.

You could also make Mongolian friends where you live and practice with them, but if you truly want to better your Mongolian, consider booking a ticket to Mongolia and immersing yourself in the Mongolian culture and the people.