The Beauty of the Mongolian Language

Many people are not aware of the Mongolian language and what it actually sounds like, yet alone whether there is a country called Mongolia to this day. Most often when someone thinks of Mongolia, it is either horses, or a about a barbarian who went on to conquer a big mass of land.

However, people don’t often stop to consider the Mongolian language and the beauty of it, because there are so many aspects of the Mongolian language that is unique and beautiful, so we will be covering a few of them in this article.

Can be written in 2 writing systems

cyrillic alphabetThere are two ways you can write in Mongolian. Modern day Mongolians living in Mongolia use the Cyrillic alphabet due to economic and political reasons since the 1940s and Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in China, uses the Traditional Mongolian Script along with Mandarin Chinese.

traditional mongolian scriptIf we are being objective, the traditional script looks much more unique and exotic compared to Cyrillic, however, both versions are still used to this day.

Sounds harsh, but soothing at the same time

If I am to mention the most unique thing about the language is that Mongolian has a perfect combination and blend of harsh guttaral sounds mixed with soft soothing vowels, which makes for an interesting mix.

Some people say Mongolian sounds like the nature of wind, fire, rivers, etc, mixing elements of nature into the language from harsh aggressive sounds to relaxing and comforting.

Mongolian sounds like every language

If you watch the video on article “What Mongolian Sounds Like” you will have varying answers from different kinds of people. From European languages, East Asian, to Native American and sometimes even African, people have commented that Mongolian sounds like many languages.

It has to do with guttural harsh consonants which sounds similar to certain languages, and the soft soothing sounds of the vowels that sounds similar to certain other languages, so people are always discussing which language it sounds more like.

It is very easy to write songs and rhyme

Writing poetry and songs in Mongolian is very easy if because the Mongolian language naturally has words and sounds that rhyme together without even trying.

Tenses in verbs all have the same ending sound, which makes it a lot easier for finishing sentences and lines with a rhyme and you can hold the sounds of vowels for as long as you want, which creates an elegant soothing sound.

Mongolians songs can be sang in just a few words

If you ever come during the Naadam Festival you will know the meaning behind singing a Mongolian song even without words. Harmony and flow of the language is also very unique to the Mongolian, so you have whole traditional folk songs in Mongolian that are elongated vowels, while having nature and the beauty of the Mongolian countryside being shown for a music video clip.

So if you are interested in picking up the language, what are you waiting for? You can easily get started today with the basics right here: