Pigskin Handle Mongolian Recurve Bow 20-110 lbs


Draw Weight: Choose from a range of 20-110 pounds to suit your preference.

Bow Specifications: The bow has a length of 137cm, with a string length of 132cm. It has a recommended draw length of 28 inches, and a safe draw length of up to 33 inches.

Material: Made with a combination of wood, pigskin, cow leather, glass steel, and beech, ensuring durability and quality.

Stringing Instructions: An instruction book is included in the package, providing detailed guidance on how to string the bow.

Handedness: This bow is designed for both right-handed and left-handed shooters, offering versatility.

Recommended Usage: This bow is recommended for individuals interested in learning archery, as well as beginner and skilled archers seeking reliable performance.


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