Recurve Bow Set 25-50 lbs


Material: The bow arm is constructed with transparent epoxy and wrapped in leather for enhanced delicacy and durability. The bow handle is made of locust wood, polished and painted to reduce wear and tear on the bow string and provide waterproofing for outdoor use.

Performance: This bow offers a range of 25-55 pounds, allowing a 40-pound bow to achieve a hunting arrow range of 150 meters or more. When using a carbon arrow, the range can reach 200 meters. The actual range varies based on individual pulling force.

Purchasing Recommendation: For first-time users, we suggest 30-40 pounds for men and 25 pounds for women. It is generally advised for newcomers to start with a bow within 40 pounds to familiarize themselves and make quicker progress in shooting technique. Excessive poundage can make it difficult to control the bow. Additionally, it is recommended to engage in regular training to improve arm strength.

Package Contents:

  • Hand guard: 1 piece
  • Finger guard: 1 piece
  • Arrow target paper: 3 pieces
  • Wood hunting arrow: 3 pieces
  • Bow string wax: 1 piece
  • Bow string: 1 piece


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