Buy Mongolian Ger & Yurt

Traditional Mongolian Yurt

A simple and traditional Mongolian design. Traditional yurts are cheaper and portable.

Eco Design Mongolian Yurt

Not as portable as a traditional ger, but it has a better foundation and is suited for modern design.

Hand Carved Yurt

Carved yurts are similar to traditional yurts, but there are carvings on the door and inside the yurt.

Why a Yurt?

Portable & Mobile

Not only is the Mongolian yurt stable and durable in harsh weather conditions, but it’s very portable.

Eco Friendly & Zero Footprint

Unlike houses made out of concrete with heavy machinery, a ger uses natural materials.

Spacious & Comfortable

When you step inside, a yurt feels a lot bigger than it actually looks from the outside.

Use as Glamping Camp

Want to build your own unique-looking glamping camp? Then a ger is perfect!

Perfect For Festivals

The portability and reusable nature of the ger is suited specifically suited for festivals.

Recreational Space & Room

If you simply want an inexpensive recreational house for the backyard, buy a ger.

About Mongolian Yurts

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