Horse Archery Tour in Mongolia

Date and Pricing

Date: August 2-11
Duration: 10-days 9 nights
Group size: 1 to 8 PAX
Tour price: 1900 USD
Accommodation: Hotel, Ger Camp, Ger in Family
Transportation: 4 x 4 Van, Jeep, Horseback


Welcome to Mongolia, a country renowned for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. This 10-day itinerary offers a unique opportunity to explore the vast Mongolian Steppe and experience the ancient art of horse archery. Mongolian horse archery is a unique and ancient tradition that has been passed down through generations. It is an exhilarating experience that allows travellers to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Mongolia.

On the first day, you will arrive in Ulaanbaatar and visit the impressive Chinggis Khaan Statue before transferring to Erdene town for tented camping. From here, you will embark on a horse riding adventure to visit the 13th Century Complex and practice archery in the evening.

Over the following days, you will ride on horseback across the Mongolian Steppe, stopping at local families for tea breaks and camping overnight by the river. You will have the opportunity to practice horse archery with an instructor and observe mountain sheep and birds in their natural habitat.

Returning to Ulaanbaatar city on the sixth day, you will enjoy a city tour visiting the main square, Gandan Monastery complex, and history museum. The itinerary then takes you back to the horse archery practice field for an all-day practice and overnight stay in a ger.

On the final day, you will have the chance for some morning practice before returning to Ulaanbaatar city for a farewell dinner and overnight stay at a hotel. This itinerary offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in Mongolian culture and experience the thrill of horse archery in a beautiful and unique setting.


  • City tour in the capital Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
  • An exciting mix of cultural experiences, adventure, and natural beauty
  • Receive private training from an Archery Master and participate in archery practices
  • Horse riding across the beautiful Mongolian Steppe
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture by meeting with nomads
  • This tour is the perfect combination of adventure and cultural immersion
  • Unforgettable experience of Mongolia’s history, nature, and way of life



Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, you will be picked up by your tour guide and driver. You will first visit the Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex, a 40-meter-tall statue of the legendary Mongolian emperor on horseback. You will then be transferred to Erdene town for tented camping.


After breakfast, you will have a horse riding tour to the 13th Century Complex, a reconstruction of the ancient Mongolian capital of Karakorum during the time of Chinggis Khaan. You will also have an opportunity to practise archery in the evening. Tented Camping.


Today, you will ride horses along the picturesque Mongolian Steppe, stopping at a local family’s ger for a tea break. Continuing on horseback, you will camp on the bank of the Galuut River, where you can enjoy the stunning scenery and peacefulness of the surrounding nature.


Today, you will embark on a horse riding adventure along the Mongolian Steppe, stopping at a local family for a tea break. You will then set up camp on the bank of a river. You will continue your horse riding tour to the Kherlen River, covering a shorter distance than on previous days. In the afternoon, you will have an opportunity to practice horse archery with an instructor. Tented Camping.


Today’s horse-riding adventure will take you to the mountains to observe sheep and birds. You will return to the campsite in the afternoon for more horse archery practice. Ger camp.


You will return to Ulaanbaatar city for a city tour, including the main square, Gandan Monastery complex, and history museum. Overnight hotel.


You will visit a horse archery practice field and transfer to a small ger next to the site for all-day practice. This will give you ample opportunity to develop your skills and receive instruction from experienced trainers.


You will visit the horse archery practice field and transfer to a small ger next to the site for all-day practice.


You will have a morning practice session before returning to Ulaanbaatar City for a farewell dinner. Overnight at a hotel.


What’s Included

What’s Included

All meals mentioned accordingly /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/
All transportations mentioned
All accommodations listed
Professional Tour Guide – English speaking
Airport transfers
Road charges for tourists, staff, and vehicles

What’s Not Included

Single rooming supplement
International flights and cost of visas
Inoculations and personal insurance
Video recording or photography fees at sights
Tips and gratuities
Personal expenses and toiletries

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Common Questions

Starting from the basics:

For beginners, we will give detailed instructions to ride a horse, you will learn horse riding from the beginning. There is training shooting from horses but there is also shooting training from the ground too. You could take any of these activities until you feel confident. Then our trainer and you will decide together whether you will participate in the tournament later on our tour.

Packing tips for this Mongolian Mounted Archery Tour:

You can definitely bring your own bow and arrows. If you need another one, please book it ahead with us. At the same time, there is also a big interest in buying Mongol Bows, costing between 200-3000 USD. Arrow can be found for 5-10 USD each.

We will be using western-like saddles.

You will not be learning horse archery, but I want to travel with your friends/family?

Contact us for alternative itinerary offers from our travel experts. We can offer you many other activities in the same region as the horse archery tours. For instance simple horse riding, hiking, visiting local families, other sightseeing, and more.

To participate in the small tournament in Ulziit:

You need to write down, whether you will be willing to take a tournament or competition. We will have a local horse archer to train with us who will help us to work with Mongolian horses among others.

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