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Buy A Yurt

If you want to live like the nomads of the steppe, buy traditional yurts and gers here.

Cashmere & Wool

Shop all kinds of authentic cashmere and wool clothing from Mongolia.

Traditional Bows

Discover and buy traditional Mongolian bows handcrafted by local artisans.

Mongolian Jewelry

Find beautiful jewelry that will dazzle the eyes and steal the spotlight wherever you go.


Mongolian instruments are one of the most unique looking and sounding in the world.


Send a small Mongolian gift to your friends and family anywhere in the world.

About Mongolia

Mongolian Culture

Mongolian Culture

When it comes to Mongolia as a country, it has several cultural heritages that greatly differ from other long-standing civilizations. As a matter of fact, some of their traditions could be identified as “unique” in other countries. Historically, these traditions can be tied to their history of nomadic lifestyle.

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Mongolian Food

Mongolian Food

Mongolia has quite the unique foods available for anyone looking to dine. Mongolian Barbecue and Grills are probably the most well-known dishes out there. But if you think it stops there, we have a list to surprise you.

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Mongolian People

Mongolian People

The very first thing that you should consider when it comes to the People of Mongolia is that the current Mongolian people are not all that Mongols have become. Historically, Mongols were the people of the Mongol Empire that was founded by Genghis Khan in the 13th...

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About Mongolia: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mongolia part of China? The short answer is No. Mongolia is not part of China or any other country. It is an independent country, sandwiched between China and Russia. After the Qing dynasty collapsed in 1911, Mongolia declared independence and achieved actual...

About Ulaanbaatar: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll be discussing the frequently asked questions about Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Apart from the beautiful steppes and mountains, the heart of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar, is the most prominent tourist attraction in the country. Is Ulaanbaatar safe or...

How Much Is a Yurt Tent?

A yurt tent is an excellent option for extra living space. Prices are generally lower than a traditional home, and heating and cooling costs are also lower. You also won't have to worry about property taxes since yurts don't have a foundation. A yurt is inexpensive,...

What is a Yurt Tent? A Beginner’s Guide

When you think of outdoor camping, you might be wondering what a yurt tent is. This traditional mobile home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and still have plenty of room to sleep. While they might not have the standard amenities of a house, yurts do offer some...

5 Reasons To Buy a Mongolian Yurt

5 Reasons To Buy a Mongolian Yurt

Mongolian yurts have been around for centuries, and there is a reason why it still is popular even to this day. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a Mongolian ger. Budget Friendly Compared with traditional houses, a mongolian ger for sale can cost only $2000. Only...

How are Mongolian yurts heated?

How are Mongolian yurts heated?

A Mongolian yurt is a type of dwelling that has existed for hundreds of years. In the harsh unforgiving climate of Central Asian steppes where the temperatures can drop to -40 Celcuis with blizzards, the secret to how Mongolian nomads stay warm lies in the structure...

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