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What’s Included in The Language Course

The Fundamentals

  • The Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet
  • Native Pronunciations
  • Introductions, Greetings & Goodbyes
  • Common Phrases and Vocabulary

Mongolian For Travel

  • Professions, Countries, Social Events
  • Date, Time, Season, Year
  • Numbers and Counting Things
  • Bargaining in Mongolian

Intermediate Level

  • Basic Requests and Demands
  • Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns
  • Past Present and Future Tenses
  • Intermediate Grammar Rules

Comprehensive Course

Why Choose Silk Road Mongolia’s Online Course?

Hello! I am Orgil, a native Mongolian speaker who was born as a nomad in the Altai hills in the western provinces. I’ve had the privilege of living and traveling in different countries and cultures.

Learning a new language is hard enough, but learning Mongolian is even harder when there isn’t much resource online, which is why I made this comprehensive course specifically for language enthusiasts and travelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How hard is learning Mongolian?

The difficulty of learning Mongolian, like any language, depends on several factors, including your prior language learning experience and your motivation.

You can expect to be conversationally fluent within a few months, but it will take 1-3 years to learn Mongolian to an intermediate level. And more than 10+ years to become native level fluent. Mongolian is a rich language, so even your average Mongolian doesn’t fully understand the full breadth of the language.

Accents can be tricky, but Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, and Turkic speakers have an easier time because there are similarities in pronunciations.

2. Why learn Mongolian language?

Learning Mongolian opens doors to a rich cultural world, enhances travel experiences, and can boost your career prospects, particularly in fields involving international relations or research. It fosters personal growth, strengthens relationships, and satisfies linguistic curiosity, offering a unique linguistic and cultural adventure.

3. Cyrillic vs Traditional script. What’s the difference?

The main difference between Cyrillic and the Traditional Mongolian script lies in the writing system used for the Mongolian language:

Cyrillic Script: This is the most commonly used script for writing Mongolian today, particularly in Mongolia itself. It uses the same script as Russian and many other Slavic languages. In the Cyrillic script, Mongolian is written horizontally from left to right, and it includes additional letters and diacritical marks to represent specific Mongolian sounds. It’s relatively easier to learn for those familiar with the Cyrillic script.

Traditional Mongolian Script: Also known as the ‘Mongol Bichig,’ this script is traditionally used for writing Mongolian and is still in use in some regions, notably in Inner Mongolia, China. It is written vertically from top to bottom, moving from left to right, and has a unique and distinctive appearance. The Traditional Mongolian script is considered more challenging to learn due to its unfamiliar characters and writing direction.

4. What’s included in the course?

Orgil, a native Mongolian speaker fluent in English will teach you the course. Orgil has not only traveled all over the world, but is a language enthusiast and polyglot with years of experience teaching under his belt.

You get the full eBook, Google Drive with commentary and pronunciation practice

And most importantly over 5 hours of video lessons about the Mongolian language and comunication culture.

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