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Video Course: Beginner Mongolian & eBook

This course comes with audio and video tutorials to help you with native pronunciations for additional practice. You can download the eBook, audio and video lessons for offline learning.

  • Taught by a Mongolian world traveler
  • Downloadable eBook – PRINTABLE on paper!
  • Writing in Mongolian Cyrillic, and pronunciation
  • “To be” and different verb conjugations
  • Basic Introductions: countries, age, name, professions
  • Greetings and essential phrases/questions
  • Counting in Mongolian, asking how much of something
  • Different colors, shapes, sizes, and adjectives
  • Days, months, seasons, asking for time, etc
  • Expressing feelings and moods
  • Vocabulary, slang, and how Mongolians communicate

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About the Mongolian Language

  • Is Mongolian Language Similar to Korean?

    In a lot of my youtube videos, people mention how Mongolian and Korean have similar guttural sounds. Most commonly people say Mongolian sounds like a mix of Turkish, Korean, and Russian weirdly enough. However, are they really related, and do they sound similar? In short, as a native speaker, yes there can be some elements…

  • How Hard or Easy Is It To Learn Mongolian?

    Learning any type of foreign language can be hard, but especially the Mongolian language, it can be even more difficult for someone who is not used to Mongolic languages. Contrary to many people’s belief, Mongolian doesn’t share any similarities with Mandarin Chinese or Russian as it’s a separate language on its own with its own…

  • Do Mongolians Speak Russian?

    There are many theories out there about the question, “Why do Mongolians speak Russian?” Most of us have been brought up speaking Russian and we have no idea how other cultures communicate without the use of words. Learning another language was an option for our ancestors and it is now becoming a chance for us…

  • Do Mongolians Speak English?

    If you are an English speaker and thinking of traveling to Mongolia, you might have wondered how well Mongolians speak English. Mongolians learn elementary English in most schools, but aside from private schools that teach English in-depth, most Mongolians are not able to speak English. You will however come across some Mongolians here and there,…

  • Mongolian Language Origins & History

    The Mongolian language is the official language of Mongolia and both the most widely-spoken and best-known member of the Mongolic language family. The Mongolian language is originated from the Altaic language family. It has evolved directly from Middle Mongolian. This was the language that was spoken by the Mongol Empire in the 13th and 14th…

  • Is Learning Mongolian Language Difficult & Hard?

    The Mongolian language is the official language of the country of Mongolia and also the People’s Republic of China. You might think that Mongolian is quite difficult to learn because it’s absolutely different from world-wide spread languages such as English, Spanish or Chinese. That’s not wrong. Yes, it sounds more likely Russian, probably due to…

  • Why Do Mongolians Write in & Use Cyrillic?

    Most people who are not aware of Mongolian culture would assume the writing system in Mongolia is either Mandarin or somewhat related to other East Asian languages. It is an understandable misconception as Mongolia was a former colony of Manchuria until 1921 and is a neighbor of China, however, it still is a misconception as…

  • Working on the 2nd edition of the eBook

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the support so far. I did not expect to get this much traffic and interest from people around the world. Because more and more people have been interested in learning about Mongolia and the Mongolian language, I will be releasing the 2nd edition of the eBook with revisions…

  • Understanding Mongolian Vowels in Detail & Pronunciation

    So in our last lesson, we talked about alphabet pronunciation, so in today’s lesson, we will learn in detail about the pronunciation and harmony of Mongolian language vowels. Depending on how long you hold a vowel and subtle pronunciation differences, specific words can mean completely different things. Take for example: тэр (ter) – Means it…

  • The Mongolian Traditional Script

    A lot of people often criticize Mongolia for losing its heritage and culture for not using the traditional script anymore and argue that Mongolians have adopted the Russian language. However, though modern-day Mongolians use the Cyrillic alphabet, we still speak our own language and learn Mongolian. It would be wrong to assume that Mongolians have…

  • Can Mongolians Communicate with Inner Mongolians?

    People would assume that Mongolians and Inner Mongolians would be able to understand each other if they were to communicate. Mostly it is true. A Mongolian and Inner Mongolia would be able to communicate with one another fairly well but there might still be some misunderstandings on certain occasions if not clarified. However, this is…

  • Asking Directions in Mongolian Like A True Nomad

    When it comes to Mongolian culture, you have to understand that we don’t specifically talk in numbers nor street names when pointing for directions, but rather landmarks and in relational space. For example, it would be common for a Westerner to point to a specific direction like “Go north 5 blocks and once you are…

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