How Authentic is Mongolian Grill

If you are not aware of what Mongolian Grill is, in short, it’s a big round cooking “pan” where 3 or more chefs grill your food right on the spot as you watch. However, I am sure you are well aware of that and have probably been to Mongolian grill restaurants such as BDs and Mongolian Grill.

But, how authentic are they really? The short answer is, not that much… but it’s not something that was completely made up as traditional Mongolian food in some ways can relate to Mongolian grill.

Is It Different From Traditional Mongolian Cuisines?

Yes, it’s very different from traditional Mongolian dishes such as Khuushuur, Tsuivan, Buuz, Khorkhog, etc. The preparation methods significantly vary.

No traditional foods are fried on a big round pan like Mongolian grill restaurants, but there is one similarity.

Shirmen Togoo – A big aluminum pot is used to make soup, milk tea, boiled milk. It’s not only used for boiling stuff though, but it can be used to make foods like beef rice, Tsuivan, and other non-soupy foods; different ingredients get mixed in the pot.

Should You Stop Eating At “Mongolian” Grills?

If you enjoy the food, why? I enjoy going there from time to time and find the food delicious. Although it’s not 100% authentic, it opens the door for many to learn more about Mongolia and its culture.

So go ahead and eat as much as you want!

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