Mongolian Nomadic Clothing

Nomadic clothing is a trade term used to describe a variety of garments and attire indigenous to Mongolia, China, Tibet, Central Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and other remote areas of Asia. Nomadic people who roamed the steppes and valleys of Asia for thousands of years brought with them their cultures, skills, and traditions. In addition to clothing, they carried a wealth of objects including ceramics, metal, pottery, and wood. Today, many of these objects have been excavated in Asia, Europe, and North America and have been displayed or been put on display. Some items date back over three thousand years.

mongolian nomadic clothing

The aim of this article is to introduce you to the wonderful tradition of nomadic clothing, the type that most people wear in their everyday lives. Nomads are recognized as people who live by caravan as they travel from one location to another. While some of them still use tents to sleep in, most live in small tents known as yurts which they take with them as they travel from town to town. When I say that most live in yurts, I mean that they live in small, movable homes, usually containing a single bed, an inside toilet, a wash basin, a few utensils such as knives, a stove, a large bowl for catching the sun, and their favorite bowl of mung, which are actually their cooking food. Below are some of the unique articles of Mongolian nomadic clothing.

The Mongols of Mongolia have been recognized as some of the earliest inhabitants of the Earth. They settled in the area now known as modern day China and in addition to farming them also built enormous stone temples. Their great culture, however, began when they started crafting Mongolian fur clothing. These people lived nomadic lifestyles and their clothing was made out of natural fibers such as wool, mongil, sisal, jute, and cotton. Some of the more unusual fibers that they used were camel hair, bear fur, and the remains of woolly mammoth.

Nomad costumes are a remarkable example of traditional ethnic clothing. They come in a variety of colours such as red, yellow, black, and blue. Many photos show women in their traditional costumes with wild jewelled headdresses, dramatic multi-coloured worn… and much more! You can choose from these stunning outfits designed for all ages, from toddlers to grandmothers. Here, we will introduce you to the most stunning Mongolian garments and take a look at how the nomad ladies dress themselves!

The Mongolia sable fur coat is a popular item of clothing for the women of the Mongols. The women of the nomadic culture wear this garment to protect them from the harsh winters and the strong winds during the summer. The sable fur coat comes with an attractive faux Mongolian fur coat that is made using real sable. It has a faux collar and patch pocket on the front with a zipper and hook & loop fastener. The inside features a zippered sleeve and interior pockets.

The Mongolia sable faux Mongolian fur coat has a collar and the inside is lined with a faux Mongolian fur that has a chain stitch closure. The front is reversible and can be worn in winter as well as summer. The inside features an elasticized waistband and pouch along with the dual adjustable straps that provide a comfortable fit. The inside is lined with soft fleece for added warmth.

This garment incorporates a wide variety of colors and patterns that are appropriate for the Mongolia culture. Black and brown faux Mongolian leather is the main material that makes up the ensemble. It also features brown fur trim on the sleeves and the collars. This is a perfect garment to wear on those cool, spring days when you feel like escaping to the steppes.

The Jstor is another popular item from the Nomadic clothing line. The Jstor is a thick cotton scarf that features beautiful golden silk edging. The scarf has a traditional Mongolian knot and a full wrap around design on one side. The other side of the Jstor features a full length buttoned opening and a silk edging with gold lace edging. The scarf can be used as a head scarf, as a sarong or for a traditional Mongolian or shawl.

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