How to say Hello in Mongolian – Basic Introductions & Greetings

Want to learn how to introduce yourself in Mongolian without making it too complicated and difficult? Here is a basic lesson on greeting phrases, asking other people’s names, and introducing yourself. Even though Cyrillic alphabets are tricky to learn at first, it gets easier after some practice.

Simple greetings in Mongolian

Hello, Hi – Sain baina uu/sain uu? Sain baitsgaana u? Сайн байна уу, сайн уу ? Сайн байцгаана уу?

Response: Sain baina uu, sain sain, Сайн байна уу, сайн сайн

How are you? – Amar baina uu? Амар байна уу ?

Response: Amar baina uu, amar tavlag, Амар байна уу, амар тавлаг

What have you been up to? Yu heeged l baina? Yu baina? Sonin hachin? Юу хийгээд л байна? Юу байна? Сонин хачин?

Response: Yumguie, taivan taivan, юмгүй ээ, тайван тайван

Asking other people’s names

You have to remember to distinguish between Chi and Ta. Chi means ”you” but it’s used for friends and people around your age, whereas Ta also means ”you” but it’s used when referring to someone older than you or if you are trying to be polite.

Basic questions:

While in the English context, the questions below will seem a bit weird to ask, but directly translated in Mongolian context, it is pretty normal and makes sense.

What is your name? Chamaig/Taniig hen gedeg ve? Таныг хэн гэдэг вэ?

This is one of the polite ways to ask someone’s name without coming across as inquisitive.

Can you introduce yourself? Uuriiguu taniltsuulaach? Өөрийгөө таницуулаач?

If you want to be playful or are curious about someone, you can ask this question. It’s not necessarily just for asking someone’s name, but rather what kind of person someone is in general.

Who are you? Chi/ta hen be? Чи хэн бэ?

Directly asking this is a bit rude and impolite, this is rather used when you are startled or a bit angry, so only ask it in a situation where you want to be inquisitive or taken aback by a stranger.

Your name is called what? Ner юу bilee? Нэр юу билээ?

This is mostly used in an informal context where you can ask this question just to know who you are talking to or if you are curious about who they are.

Let’s get acquainted? Hoyula taniltsya? Хоёулаа танилцая

When you meet someone through a mutual friend or if you just want to talk someone out on the street or during an event, you can ask this. It shows you are interested in getting to know someone.

Introducing yourself to other people

When someone asks your name, you can simply respond with your name. However, if you really want to make it clear who you are, you can say “Be bol (insert name)”.

If you are doing a presentation or in front of a crowd of people and want to introduce yourself, you have to use a formal version. “Namaig (insert name) gedeg”

It literally translated to “I am called (insert name)”

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