Video Course: Beginner Intermediate Mongolian + eBook

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As someone who travels pretty frequently, I know how difficult it can be when no one speaks your language. There isnโ€™t much resource you can find online especially for the learning Mongolian language. So, I made a course specifically for travelers and language enthusiasts who want to travel to Mongolia and converse with the locals.

This video course comes with audio files and tutorials to help you with correct pronunciations for additional practice. You can download them and learn offline

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What Youโ€™ll Learn:

  • Writing in Mongolian Cyrillic, and pronunciation
  • โ€œTo beโ€ and different verb conjugations
  • Basic Introductions: countries, age, name, professions
  • Greetings and essential phrases/questions
  • Counting in Mongolian, asking how much of something
  • Different colours, shapes, sizes, and adjectives
  • Days, months, seasons, asking for time, etc
  • Expressing feelings and moods
  • Vocabulary, slangs, how Mongolians communicate
  • Beginner Intermediate Video Course