Real Mongolian Fur vs Faux Mongolian Fur

Real mongolian fur vs faux mongolian fur

The term “real” or “faux” is one of those things that everyone has their own opinion about. Most people will tell you that real fur is the best type because it is the most luxurious and durable of all. On the other hand, faux fur can be used for just about anything and the price is almost negligible. Therefore, if you want to dress up your cat in a new fur coat, faux fur is probably the best choice for you.

Real Mongolian fur is a type of cat fur that is manufactured in the thickest part of the animal, right where the tail joins the body. The ideal cut is somewhere around the eyes with a little extra at the tips for added texture. It’s a thick, luxurious cat fur that looks great. If you have a feline friend who is a big fan of these cat clothes, then you should definitely consider getting them a new coat to wear. They will absolutely love the real fur feeling and look better than a lot of other alternatives. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying your feline friend on their new Mongolia sweater:

Real fur comes from the pelts (tails) of mature animals and is sometimes dyed to make it look like real fur. Many cat lovers are turned off by this thought, thinking that the fur is not as warm or soft as faux fur might. However, this is simply not true. Real Mongolia is an animal product that comes from young animals that are fed a steady diet of soybeans (the main food source for cats) and hay until they are old enough to breed. This is then processed very quickly to form a very soft and luxurious type of cat fur that can be used in a variety of ways.

Real Mongolia is very durable and can last decades if properly taken care of. Unlike faux fur, real Mongolia is a completely natural, chemical-free product and is hypoallergenic. Anyone that has a pet cat knows how much they can cause allergies when something gets on them. Real fur is very soft and is often times referred to as “cat skin” due to its similar feel. Therefore, if you have a pet that shivers or has an allergic reaction to the material that real fur is made of, Mongolia may be a great option for you and your kitty.

In addition, real fur is more versatile. You can choose to buy a colored Mongolia, or get a one with a different texture to suit your preferences. Some people even like to dye their real fur coats different colors (orange, blue, and black are some popular colors). Real fur can also be dyed, but this can take several coats and several months of drying to achieve the desired color change. However, most people who want a Mongolia coat or other faux fur items can simply order what they want on the internet, and have it shipped directly to their home.

The main difference between the two items is the price. Real Mongolia is usually three to four times as much as faux fur. However, if you are getting a gift for someone that is hard to shop for, real fur may be the better choice. Real Mongolia is more durable and will last you many years and decades. In addition, you can choose to order your coat or other item on the internet, and have it shipped directly to you.

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