What Is Inside a Mongolian Ger / Yurt?

The interior of a Mongolian Ger is as unique and meaningful as the exterior. There are certain rules and customs when it comes to constructing a Ger. Similarly, the overall placement of different pieces of furniture and their meanings also matter greatly.

If you have been inside a Ger, you must know that there is no concept of privacy in Ger. There is no inside wall to have your own privacy, but it acts as a great factor to develop more warming and bonding connection between the family members. Constantly communicating, eating, and doing the chores together is an essential part of daily life in a Ger.

The Interior of the Ger

The inside of the Mongolian Ger is divided into few sections: khoimor, door, hostess’s side, and host’s side. This division is related to the etiquettes and rules to be followed inside the Ger. The fire hearth (which is considered to be a sacred place) is placed at the center of the Ger. It is because the fire hearth is symbolled as a center of the universe by Mongolians.

The northern side of the Ger that is called Khoimor is dedicated as a God’s area. It is where Mongolian people place Gods like Buddha on the avdar (a chest). The chest features traditional Mongolian patterns on the outside. It acts as a closet or box that stores some invaluable items inside. Any religious rituals are done in the Khoimor area.

The western side of the Ger is the host’s side. This is where the host keeps his own items including the bed, clothes, and other essentials. The eastern side or the left side is the hostess’s side. Similarly, the housewife’s things are placed on this side along with the kitchen where cleaning and cooking take place.

You can see some fundamental structures of the Ger from inside. For instance, there is a toono at the top (roof) which enables sunlight and air to come through. The toono can be covered with pieces of canvas or felt called Urkh in case of bad weather. Moreover, to support the crown area, there are one or more columns called bagana. The central support of the Ger which are the separate poles called Uni can also be seen from inside.

You will also see special decorations or ornaments related to Mongolian culture inside the Ger. There are rugs that feature unique patterns on the floor or hung up on the walls. There could be Morin Khuur which is a traditional Mongolian instrument. The overall interior and furniture can vary depending on the size of the Ger or how it is built and decorated. Nowadays, a lot of people are choosing to design their Ger’s interior with modern furnishings. In general, Ger is a perfect place to live during every season and features a conservative, minimalist lifestyle.

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