How Much Does a Mongolian Ger / Yurt Cost?

The number of people purchasing Mongolian Ger / Yurt has been increasing both domestically and internationally. Ger is admired for its sturdy, unique structure and practical features by many. People have been living in Ger for the last three thousand years, yet still, it is one of the most practical, comfortable, and affordable type of housing. Nowadays, regardless of the purpose of use, Ger is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to housing.

Why purchase a Mongolian Ger / Yurt?

In Mongolia, Ger is one of the main housing styles. Over half of the residents of Ulaanbaatar city live in the Ger district. And many people living outside of Ulaanbaatar city also live in Ger as their primary home. The fact that Ger can be disassembled and reassembled in few hours to be moved from one place to another is a great advantage and factor to choose it. It provides a minimal and space-saving environment while allowing the residents to live in harmony with nature. Sometimes people misunderstand that living in Ger means being separated from others. It is completely untrue as there are myriad of Ger communities around Mongolia, even in Central Asia. Being able to live as a community is another unique feature/advantage of Ger.

For foreigners, Mongolian Ger gets them closer to the Mongolian nomadic culture and tradition. Mongolian Ger / Yurt is warm during the winter and cools during the summer, making it suitable to be lived in every season of the year. In addition, once purchased, Ger lasts for ages. As long as it is made of high-quality materials, it is durable enough to last for decades. Compared to other types of housing, it is affordable to build or purchase. You won’t even spend much on maintenance after it is built. So these days, many people purchase Ger / Yurt to use as an Airbnb rental and create additional income. Regardless of how you use it, it’s considered a good investment.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Mongolian Ger / Yurt?

The cost can vary depending on the size and type of the Ger. Whether you are planning to live in Ger as a primary home, a vacation cottage, or as a way of creating additional income with a rental property greatly determines what type of and size of Ger should be bought. The size of the Ger is measured by how many khana (walls) it has. The Gers that have 3 or 4 khanas (walls) are considered to be the smallest size. 5 or 6 khana is the most common size of Ger. The more khana (walls) a Ger has, the bigger the size is. Therefore, gers with 8,9,10 or more khanas (walls) are considered enormous, making them suitable for a high number of people.

The Average Cost of a Mongolian Ger / Yurt

Consequently, the bigger the Ger is (the more khanas it has) the more expensive it is. So the price will increase accordingly with the size. 3 wall panels start around 3000$ while 5 wall panels are usually sold for approximately 7000$. 6 wall panels are over 8000$ and 7 wall panels are over 12,000$. Gers with more than 10 khanas (walls) are priced more than 22,000$. But keep in mind that these are average prices for new Gers.

Even though the size is the main factor that influences the price, there are a number of other aspects as well. If you want to purchase a Ger at a low price, you could buy old/used Gers. Used Gers / Yurts are several times cheaper than new ones, consequently, a lot of people buy old ones. Another thing that might affect the price would be the materials used and how it is built. The wooden frame, as well as the felt cover, should be authentic and high-quality in order to last for a long time.

Individual Seller VS Company

In Mongolia, people mostly buy Gers / Yurts from individual sellers rather than companies. It is because individual sellers offer much cheaper prices and there is usually room for negotiation/deal. Moreover, some people sell their Ger with the whole furniture for a low price. Buying everything in one place eases the process.

Nonetheless, if it is your first time purchasing or building a Ger, it is better to buy it from an official company. Most of the time, they offer a long-term guarantee and step-by-step guidance on building and even living in your Ger. So you will have a smooth process by getting help and guidance from experienced people while getting your desired results. However, you must also make sure to research to company: ask them questions you are curious about, check if their customer service is good, see their rating and reviews from previous customers, etc.

Things to Keep in Mind

Purchasing the Ger is not the end of the whole process. Depending on where you are placing it, there are also electricity, water, internet, and toilet issues. Research first about if your ideal location has reliable electricity and water sources. It will easier to solve those issues if there are other housings or Ger communities around that already have those sources.

Nowadays, there are many households that use solar energy as their electricity source. Internet, TV, and other electronic devices can be connected once there is an electricity source. Most Ger communities are not connected to water supplies, so they get water from public wells. The toilet is also usually located outside of Ger. If those are too burdensome for you, there are many Gers that have implemented modern innovation & technology to create a comfortable environment with easier access to everything. Depending on how you provide those sources for your Ger, as well as what pieces of furniture you purchase will be an additional cost. You might also want to customize your Ger with Mongolian traditional decorations, ornaments, accessories, painting, and so on.

In general, Mongolian Ger / Yurt is humble, yet very practical, minimal, and comfortable housing. The cost to build or purchase Ger along with furniture, and basic necessities is way cheaper compared to other types of housings. Therefore, for whatever purpose you intend to use it for, Mongolian Ger / Yurt will be one of the best purchases to make.

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