How Much Does It Cost To Stay In a Mongolian Ger / Yurt?

For any tourists who are visiting Mongolia, the experience of staying at a Mongolian Ger / Yurt can not be missed. Mongolian Ger / Yurt and the tradition surrounding it is an integral part of Mongolian heritage and culture. As you may already know, Ger / Yurt is also an essential part of nomadic life. Therefore, you will be able to get to know more about the nomadic herd’s daily lifestyle as well as having unforgettable experiences while staying at Ger.

There are myriad beautiful natural wonders and tourist attractions all around Mongolia. Some places like Lake Khovsgol, Terelj National Park, Gobi Desert, Orkhon Valley, etc receive more amount of tourists every year. But regardless of where you are traveling, you will find more than one magnificent spot in every province. It is partly because most land of Mongolia is rural areas with untouched nature. Finding Ger camps or local families that host travelers around your destination won’t be a difficult process.

Average Cost of Stay in a Mongolian Ger / Yurt

Depending on which part of Mongolia you are traveling to, there are different tourist attractions / natural wonders. As mentioned above, some areas or cities attract more tourists due to their magnificent natural wonders. Consequently, the cost of staying at different places can vary depending on their location and popularity. In addition, the price also depends on whether you are staying at a Ger camp or individual herders that host foreign tourists regularly. There are many options when it comes to both of them.

Ger Camps vs Local Families

If you are traveling on a tight budget and want to save money from your stay at Ger, staying at individual host’s Ger would be suitable. You will find kind and welcoming hosts & hostesses everywhere. Many tourists who are seeking adventure and trying to get real-life experience of Mongolian nomadic culture usually visit local families. Sometimes they allow you to assist in milking cows, herd sheep & goats, and take a horse ride. You will also enjoy home-cooked meals, airag (fermented mare’s milk), hot milk tea, and dried curd. When you are staying with a local family, the cost is not much. The average cost is from 100,000 to 250,000 tugriks (Mongolian currency) per night. So it varies from 35$ to 100$ per night. The services, location, and other factors can affect the price.

On the other hand, sometimes staying with a local family for more than 2 or 3 days can be difficult and uncomfortable. In that case, you can go to Ger camps or Guesthouses that cater to tourists. They are usually well-prepared and equipped to meet your expectations. Electricity, shower, toilet, meals (mostly there is a restaurant), and clean Ger with beds and fresh linen sheets are provided. Some camps even have horse-riding and other services to help you experience nomadic life and make great memories. Therefore, Ger camps are convenient if you are going on several days trip. The price depends on the number of people staying which determines the number of beds/size of the Ger. The average cost varies from 200,000 to 500,000 tugriks per night which means 70$ to 170$. Most camps are built to meet international standards with excellent services, so they tend to be more expensive.

However, you can stay at both Ger camp and a local family. You can read about Nellie’s trip to Mongolia where she shared her experience in staying at both camp and local families. Reading about other people’s experiences or reviews can help you make the decision. You can find local families/vacation rentals that host tourists from Airbnb while Ger camps/Guesthouses can be found from Booking, Tripadvisor, or camps’ official website. Due to the currency value, staying at Mongolian Ger can be affordable for tourists. Nevertheless, the unforgettable memory you will create and the unique experience you will get here in Mongolia are priceless.

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