How Much Is a Yurt Tent?

A yurt tent is an excellent option for extra living space. Prices are generally lower than a traditional home, and heating and cooling costs are also lower. You also won’t have to worry about property taxes since yurts don’t have a foundation. A yurt is inexpensive, durable, and green. But how much does a yurt tent cost?

Depending on what type of yurt tent you want to get, the price can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.ย You can check out our different types of yurt tents that we recommend to get a general idea.

The introductory price varies, depending on its size and features. Some of the bigger yurts cost more than others. You may also be able to find extra features for a yurt that will enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape. For example, a yurt with a fireplace or glass windows may be more expensive.
If you are building a yurt for personal use, you’ll need to know the codes for your region and how much it costs in your area.

However, if you are planning on staying in a glamping camp, then expect to pay at least $100 / night for most places. Some resorts can even range between $200 – $300 / night. While the tent itself is a few thousand dollars at most, you are paying for the experience and the location. Some glamping camps truly are remarkable and offer a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

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