What is a Mongolian Bow?

A Mongolian bow is a recurved composite bow traditionally used by the nomadic horse-riding peoples of the Central Asian steppes. It is one of the most powerful and accurate bows in history and has been used for centuries by the Mongol Empire and other nomadic tribes to hunt large game such as deer, wild boar, and wolves. In addition to hunting, it was also used in war and is considered an important part of Mongolian culture and tradition. This unique weapon has been referred to as a “treasure” by some cultures due to its great accuracy and power. The Mongolian bow has many features that make it stand out from other types of bows, making it truly special. Read on to learn more about this fascinating bow.

The Basics: Shape & Construction

At first glance, the Mongolian bow appears quite distinct from other types of bows due to its curved shape and construction. It is made up of a wooden core which can be either maple or elm and is then covered with layers of sinew and glue for reinforcement. This gives the bow its unique recurve shape, allowing it to store more energy than straight bows. The string of the bow is traditionally made of horsehair, although modern versions are often made with synthetic materials such as nylon or Kevlar.

Power & Accuracy

The power and accuracy of the Mongolian bow make it one of the most impressive traditional weapons in history. The combination of its unique design and construction means that it is capable of shooting arrows with extreme accuracy and at great distances. It has been said that archers using the Mongolian bow were able to shoot accurately up to 300 meters (984 feet). This impressive range, combined with its ability to store a huge amount of energy makes it one of the most accurate bows in history. Although some argue that the Manchu Bow may be the stronger bow, learn more our other blog.

Uses & Cultural Significance

Throughout history, the Mongolian bow has primarily been used for hunting large game animals such as deer and boar. In addition, they were also used in warfare by the nomadic horse-riding tribes of Central Asia. Today, the bow is still widely used by some Mongolians for both recreational and competitive purposes. It is also used in traditional ceremonies and festivals, making it an important part of Mongolian culture.


The Mongolian bow has been used for centuries, with examples of the weapon dating back to the 4th century BCE. It was particularly favored by the nomadic horse-riding tribes of Central Asia and was an important part of their hunting and warfare tactics. Over time, it became popular among other cultures as well and is now a beloved traditional weapon all over the world.


The Mongolian bow is a powerful and accurate weapon that has been used by nomadic horse-riding tribes for centuries. Its unique design and construction allow it to store more energy than other types of bows and shoot arrows with great accuracy up to long distances. Today, the bow is still widely used for hunting, recreation, competition, and traditional ceremonies throughout Central Asia. No matter what itโ€™s purpose may be, the Mongolian bow will always remain an important part of these culturesโ€™ heritage. If you are curious about traditional Mongolian bows then make sure to visit our shop!

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