How many square feet / meters squared is a Mongolian Ger?

The common Mongolian household with a family of 4-5 usually live in 16′ – 20′ feet diameter (5-6 meters in diameter) ger. The square feet / meters square are 201 square feet (19.6 meters square) – 314 square feet (28.2 meters square)

Mongolian gers are a traditional form of dwelling that has existed for hundreds of years in Central Asia. Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Uzbek yurts have similar design and concept, but even other cultures around the world have similar concept for a portable house such as Native Americans, African Tribes, etc.

However, Mongolians are the only people who have taken it to another level with the concept and made gers / yurts of various sizes, decorations, materials, and with all kinds of customization.

You can find Mongolian gers of various sizes if you are shopping around and are thinking buying a ger. From 13′ – 40′ feet in diameter (4-12 meters in diameter), you have a variety of selection to choose from. Whether it is for personal dwelling or for a camp, party festival we are selling gers that can host 2-3 people to almost 100 people!



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