Should You Travel By Yourself In Ulaanbaatar?

So you may have already packed your bags and made your reservation for your hotel for your stay in Mongolia, but should you travel here alone and by yourself? Is it safe for people to travel by themselves and would you be able to get around the City without knowing the language?

In a short summary, Yes. You could travel around the City by yourself and have a good time but some people like to share their experiences with other people. However, it can be difficult to make new friends in a foreign country if you don’t know the language and if you don’t know where to make friends.

If you are an introvert and don’t mind being by yourself and don’t like talking to people that much then you could get by the City without any knowledge of the local language and without a private guide to show you around.

How to stay safe

However, you should be careful of dangerous zones in the city because if you don’t know where you are going then you might find yourself in uncomfortable situations and perhaps get robbed.

It is advised to not go by yourself in the outer parts of the city and especially during the night. If you are going to be partying and having fun at nightclubs then it is also recommended and advised for you to have someone to accompany you.

When Mongolians get drunk and as time passes, becoming very late, then your likelihood of getting into trouble is more.

Sometimes the men don’t like foreigners talking with the local girls so in order to decrease the chances of getting into trouble it is best to have someone who is a local Mongolian to vouch for you or to party with your group.

Traveling to the countryside

If you are traveling to the Countryside you better have good plans and prepare your trip before you head out into the vast emptiness.

Most of the Nomads who live outside the city don’t know English at all so you will have difficulty communicating with them and also if you are not careful where you are going you can get lost and be stranded.

So please prepare for your trip beforehand really well. But at the end of the day, it is best if you just hire a guide to take you to the countryside and show you around because they know the geography, language, and the culture so you won’t get into trouble or have problems during your trip.

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